The Best Indian Short Films

India has a rich and exciting tradition of producing world-class short films, known as "Short Films India". The most important feature of these movies is their unique portrayal of real life. They are also acknowledged for bringing entertainment and laughter to people across the country. Some of these films have won several national and international awards. Telugu Short Films


Om Shanti Om: A classic drama about a young girl's quest for freedom and love comes down to this one dramatic encounter. This film is notable for its lead role by Suhaazov, who is one of the best actors from India. The film was produced by the Indian Institute of Film and Television. It tells the story of a young girl (Om), who after being married to an abusive man ends up being forced into a coma. She is saved by a group of vigilant girls who take her in and give her the courage to come out of the confined space and fight for her freedom.


Parinda Jangra: This film is a love story about two school-going girls, Parinda and Vrinda. The film is full of innocence and romance, as the characters enjoy their school-going days with absolute bliss. The characters are depicted as good friends of Parinda and Vrinda, who go on a wonderful adventure to find the father of their school-going friend. The music used in this film has been well-loved by many, and this is one of the few Indian short films that is completely sung in English, making it all the more special.


Aaqushi: This film tells the true story of how one man's struggle against drug addiction has transformed his relationship with his own children. The film has won several national and international awards. One of the main characters in the film, a middle-aged man, struggles to overcome his addiction, and the film presents various other interesting aspects about drug addiction in India. The main character of the film, a man called Ram, plays a major role in his family, especially his son.


Humko Deewana: This film tells the true story of a young girl called Humko. After her marriage to an older man, Humko's desire for something new and exciting pushes her towards rowing and sailing, two sports that are popular in India. However, when her husband dies in a boating accident, she has to give up her dream. This film is one of the most critically acclaimed Indian short films of all time and has been made available in worldwide cinemas by various distributors.


The Night Visit: This film is about the relationship between an American and an Indian man, Peter (Chase). He visits India for the first time and fell in love with a local woman called Swayambhunath. But she is away in the Himalayas, and Peter makes desperate attempts to convince her parents to return. Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, The Night Visit is one of the finest Indian short films ever made, and continues to receive accolades from every genre of film.


Once: The story of a married woman (played by Anushka Shetty), who returns to India after spending 6 years in USA, and falls in love with a new man. It is one of the rare Indian films with a decent amount of romance, unlike most Indian short films. However, there are quite a few instances where the romantic element is lost somewhere. Mika Meghalaya and Prem Chopra's Once Again is another great example of how an otherwise mediocre film can be elevated to the height it deserves by using some romantic elements. This film also happens to have one of the best endings ever seen in Hindi films. A favourite amongst female viewers too, Once Again is definitely worth a viewing.


Kismet: One of the most buzzworthy movies of the year, Kismet tells the story of two friends, Vicky and Nat, who fall in love and marry each other. It is a story that is slowly building up momentum and has been receiving praises from various quarters since it was released in theatres last year. The film has received a lot of critical acclaim too and was recently voted one of the best Indian films of all times. Another interesting aspect about Kismet is the involvement of Hollywood celebrities too. Ben Kingsley and Jason Lee have been hired for the film, and it is expected to be a high earning gem for the company this season.

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